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Experience the power of Yoga with Mari Lima. Where you will find balance and harmony in your life as you strengthen your body and soften your heart. Step into a journey of self-awareness and transformation with her energized and powerful yoga classes.

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Our Collection

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Mari is the most loving yoga teacher I know, I love her energy, her purity and her connection with people! Since we met, I recognized her as a beautiful human being of pure light! I took several yoga classes with her, since when she started teaching on the beach, I, who never liked yoga, fell in love with that feeling of peace and harmony. If you are looking to connect more with yourself, to do something that in addition to bringing you more health will also bring you more self-love, Mari is the perfect yoga instructor 🤍

Fabi Ford


I always said that yoga was not for me, meditation was for the talented and Mariana completely changed my opinion.


When she passed through Paris she arrived to take me to a park and at least “try it”. We were in the Tuileries park, a very busy place, but when we started, by breathing and meditating I was completely out of that noise, and she took me to a very peaceful and magical environment, we continued with the Yoga exercises, I was so connected that I did everything as an Yogi, I was so proud of myself!

Thanks to hers pedagogy, hers sensitivity, her calm and confidence.

I learned so much in an hour, I found another way to disconnect, to breathe, be with myself and enjoy!

Thank you Mariana for so much generosity.

I can't wait for you to come back to Paris. 🧘🏻

Luciana Davidoski


“I decided to try Mari’s Yoga class after finding out about it through a mutual friend. Yoga on the beach with Mari was the best Yoga experience I had since I started doing Yoga. The sounds of the ocean wave plus her teaching had me coming back for more.”

Eric Nguyen


“Mari’s positive energy is infectious and it extend to the other participants as well. The camaraderie among the attendees adds an extra layer of enjoyment to her class. I appreciate how Mari take the time to check in with each of us after class, demonstrating a genuine interest in our experiences.”

Gabriela Vieira


“I want to share with you something that surprised me these days.  I had the opportunity to participate in a yoga class with my friend Mariana, and it was simply sensational.

 Mariana is a beast on the subject and incredibly conducted the class. The mix of smooth movements and stretches was awesome. And the craziest thing is how it affects your mind too. I left there with a sense of calm I hadn't felt in a while.

 In addition to helping me relax, I noticed that my body's flexibility improved after this class.

Man, it's amazing how something so seemingly peaceful can give your physique a boost.”

 If you want to try something new that brings you benefits, I highly recommend giving you a chance to practice yoga with Mariana. 

Seriously, it's worth it.

Israel Borges

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