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 I am Mari Lima. I Grow up in the Northeast of Brazil, where I spent a lot of my time at my family’s farm picking up fruits from the trees, around animals, and swimming in the river.

Since when I was young I dreamed to live on the beach, having a farm hotel, a place for families to forget their phones and the world and be able to enjoy nature and do fun activities together. But when I started my yoga journey I realized that my farm/hotel was going to be a yoga retreat/farm/hotel and without really trying to make it happen my soul has guided me on that way.


I left my hometown when I was 16 years old to start working as a model. Modeling brought me a lot of beautiful experiences but also got some traumas in this business where you see a lot of ego, pressure, and competitivity. Which was one of the biggest reasons I become a yoga teacher.


Today my home is in Hermosa Beach, California. Where I teach Yoga in my favorite place, on the beach, which helps me to feel more connected, grateful, and charged.


Today my passion is with the yoga tools guide you to get connected to your essence while you strengthen your body. Guiding you on the mat in a flow where you move your body on the same rhythm of your breath and the melody behind, which can be the sound of the waves or any song that touches your heart and makes you be in the present. Like a dance with your soul.

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